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Which Model is right for me?18 HP DR CHIPPERS12 HP DR CHIPPERS10 HP DR CHIPPER

CHIPPER CHAMBER is made of hand-welded, 7-gauge steel and coated with a 2-part enamel for protection against rust. (10 HP Model uses 10-gauge steel.) Extremely tough and rugged.

EXTRA SHARP CHIPPER KNIVES are made of heat-treated tool steel and are easily removed for sharpening.

11" WIDE HOPPER OPENING handles limbed and forked pieces, reducing the amount of trimming necessary to prevent hang-ups.

14" DIAMETER CHIPPER FLYWHEEL weighs 33 pounds and is made of 3/4" solid steel, providing the mass and momentum for devouring even knotty, hardwood trees and branches. (The 10 HP Model has an 18-pound, 12"-diameter flywheel made of 1/2" steel.)



ELECTRIC-STARTING models have an engine-mounted ignition switch with a powerful, long-life, 12-volt, maintenance-free battery that automatically recharges when the engine is running.

CENTRIFUGAL CLUTCH with belt drive system provides positive transfer of power and protects the engine from damage by allowing slippage if the blade hits a solid object.

SOLID STEEL, 1-3/16" FLYWHEEL SPINDLE is mounted with heavy-duty ball bearings at both ends of the shaft and has a grease fitting for easy lubrication.

EASY TO HAUL - 18 HP Road-Towable Model has a 2" ball coupler, safety chains, and brake and turn lights installed. 10, 12 and 18 HP non Road-Towable models have a simple pin hitch for towing with a lawn tractor.

BIG PNEUMATIC TIRES on a steel axle make for easy transport. Turf tread on 10,12, and 18 HP non Road-Towable models. High-speed tread on 18 HP Road-Towable model.

HEAVY-DUTY FRAME on the 18 HP Road-Towable model is made of square 2" tubular steel. The frame on the 10, 12 and 18 HP non Road-Towable models is made of 1/4" plate steel.