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Which Model is right for me?18 HP DR CHIPPERS12 HP DR CHIPPERS10 HP DR CHIPPER

ONE BAD STORM...or just one big tree that you have to take down can easily leave you with an unsightly brush pile like this. NO PROBLEM when you have a DRŪ CHIPPER! With up to 18 HP, the DRŪ has plenty of power to devour BIG branches without slowing down! This means you can work through piles of brush faster, with less time devoted to sawing, pruning, and sorting different size branches.

Chip branches up to 4-1/2" thick!


LOAD SMALLER BRANCHES BY THE HANDFUL! With a big, 11" wide hopper opening and plenty of power, you can easily feed bundles of smaller diameter branches into the DRŪ all at once!

DECORATIVE WOODCHIPS are perfect for creating natural garden walkways or woodland paths. When used around trees, shrubs, and flower beds, the woodchips insulate the soil, smother weeds, and retain moisture.

If you've ever cut down a big tree you know that after you've cut up the trunk you're left with a pile of small branches, limbs, and leaves. To show how quickly and easily the DRŪ CHIPPER solves this problem, we timed how long the DRŪ with just one operator took to chip up the entire crown of a large tree. First, all of the useable firewood was separated from the tree. It was at this point that we started keeping time.

Our operator then went through the branches with loppers and cut them into manageable-sized pieces. Then he began feeding them into the DRŪ -- branches, twigs, leaves, and all.
In less than 45 minutes, everything had been fed through the chipper, and could be used as landscape mulch around trees, shrubs, and plantings. Problem solved!