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Which Model is right for me?18 HP DR CHIPPERS12 HP DR CHIPPERS10 HP DR CHIPPER

1. Why is the DRŪ CHIPPER so different and so much better than ordinary chipper/shredders?  
For starters, the DRŪ is not a chipper/shredder. "Multi-purpose" chipper/shredders, which have separate chambers for chipping branches and for shredding smaller material, were originally designed over 50 years ago--primarily for folks with large gardens, as a way to grind up garden refuse for compost. This is slow, tedious work which requires double handling of material. Gardeners today have found that leaves and garden refuse can be power-composted directly into the soil of gardens with a rear-tine rototiller.

Today, with landfill and burning restrictions, the challenge most folks face is getting rid of woody material. That's why the DRŪ is a chipper only. With its straightforward design, heavy-duty chipper flywheel and powerful engine, the DRŪ CHIPPER is designed to do one job only--chip woody material into useable woodchips fast...and it will do that job better and faster than any chipper/shredder we know of.

2. How fast is the DRŪ compared to homeowner-style chipper/shredders?  
Much faster. You won't find standard homeowner-style chipper-shredders with the same kind of performance or horsepower as found on the DRŪ. With up to 18 HP, and a chipper flywheel that spins at 95 mph, the DRŪ CHIPPER can easily devour big branches fast. For example, in our own testing we were able to chip a six-foot long, 3-1/2" diameter maple branch in well under 60 seconds!

3. What's the maximum size material the DRŪ can chip? 
It depends on the model. The 12 HP and 18 HP models can chip small trees and branches up to 4-1/2" in diameter. The 10 HP model has a 3-1/2" diameter capacity. You can chop up branches and small trees individually or bunch them together, as long as the maximum chipping capacity is not exceeded.

4. Can the DRŪ chop up any kind of wood? 
Yes. The DRŪ CHIPPER can chop up any type of wood--hardwood or softwood, green or dry--as long as the diameter of the piece doesn't exceed the maximum capacity of the machine. (You will find that green wood--wood that's been recently cut--will chip faster than wood that's been allowed to dry.)

5. What won't the DRŪ chop up?  
The DRŪ is not designed to chop up smaller, loose material like leaves and garden refuse. Smaller material like this may clog the chipping chamber of the DRŪ. Also, branches and small trees with many horizontally projecting side-branches may be difficult to force into the chipper chute. For these we highly recommend the use of a pair of long-handled loppers or a pruning saw as the fastest way to remove side branches and eliminate frustration.

6. Is it easy to operate?  
The DRŪ CHIPPER is not complicated. Just start the engine and you're ready to go! To begin chipping, just feed material into the intake chute. When you're done, just turn the engine off--that's all there is to it! There are no complicated levers or controls to operate and nothing to adjust.

7. Is the DRŪ CHIPPER easy to transport?
All DRŪ CHIPPERS are mounted on large frames with easy-rolling, pneumatic tires. The 18 HP Road-Towable model has a 2" ball coupler and can be pulled behind a car or truck. It has high-speed bearings, axles and wheels, steel fenders and lights installed. (Please note: Some states do require that all trailers be inspected and registered.) The 10, 12, and 18 HP non Road-Towable models have a simple pin hitch for towing with a lawn tractor. All three of these models can also be pulled by hand on level ground.

8. What about service?  
The DRŪ CHIPPER requires very little service. Depending on the amount of chipping you do, you'll need to sharpen the chipper blade(s) occasionally. Other than that, changing the oil, air filter, and spark plug is the only maintenance that's usually required. The engines can be serviced by any of the thousands of engine service dealers available in almost every community from coast to coast. 

9. How easy is the DRŪ to start?  
The Electric-Starting 18 HP and 12 HP models with push-button ignition are very easy to start--just push the button and you're ready to go! The Manual-Starting 12 HP and 10 HP models, with their large displacement, do require some strength to start by hand. Electric-Starting is standard on the 18 HP Models and optional on the 12 HP Model. The 10 HP Model is Manual-Starting only.

10. How does the DRŪ CHIPPER compare to the chippers I see town maintenance crews using? 
The chippers used by maintenance workers and power companies are industrial-type machines that cost many times the price of a DRŪ CHIPPER. They use powerful diesel engines and can chip whole trees up to 20" in diameter. Although the DRŪ CHIPPER does not compare to the size or speed of these machines, it is designed to withstand the rigors of chipping large amounts of big material, hour after hour, year after year. And, the DRŪ is far less expensive.

11. Could someone make money using the DRŪ CHIPPER?  
Considering that many community landfills don't accept brush AND have restrictions on burning, there is a need in many areas for a part-time brush-chipping business. By placing small ads that say something like, "CUSTOM BRUSH CHIPPING--small equipment won't leave ruts in lawns. Call for estimate," on bulletin boards or in the local "pennysaver," you (or a responsible high school or college student) could earn extra income and cover the cost of a DRŪ CHIPPER in no time!

12. Who should own a DRŪ CHIPPER?  
Frankly, until we developed the DRŪ CHIPPER and started using it, we never would have believed how often we would put it to work. With a DRŪ CHIPPER on hand, brush piles that have been accumulating for years will disappear in hours...and never have a chance to re-accumulate because you'll simply chip as you prune (often using the resulting woodchips as mulch around the very tree or shrub that they were made from!).

Anyone with a variety of trees and shrubbery on his or her property will find a DRŪ CHIPPER invaluable. Folks with fruit trees will wonder how they ever did without a DRŪ as they chip prunings right in the orchard. With a DRŪ CHIPPER you'll reclaim those back corners of your property that so often become the home of unsightly brush piles, and make your entire property more attractive, usable, and valuable than ever before. If you're like us, you may well find the DRŪ CHIPPER soon becomes the piece of power equipment you most often use after your lawn mower and trimmer!