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"We live in the woods and we can't burn. But now I can just haul the DR around on the back of my lawn tractor and pull up to a brush pile, grind it up and move on to the next brush pile."

     "I just leave the chips right on the ground. And when I use it I don't have to force feed it. It methodically chews stuff right up. I've chipped pine, cedar, sweetgum, and lots of bushes.

     "I looked around at some other machines and even though the DR was more expensive, I do like your products. It's all good quality, first-rate machinery. I've got a much better machine than some of the others I've seen and I think mine is going to last much longer. The construction is much better and you can tell it's going to last. Also, none of the other chippers I saw could handle something up to 4-1/2 inches. All the others had a limit of two or three inches and I needed something bigger than that.

     "It works and I just know that it isn't going to break down half way through the summer. It's just what I hoped it would be."

-Tom Hook, Woolford, Maryland


"I've really never liked the mess, the smoke, and the clean-up after burning brush piles."

     "I'm using the DR to clean up a bunch of scrub oak, which is pretty tough stuff, and it handles it with no problem at all. Each one was 3"- 3 1/2" in diameter and it just gobbles them up. When I chipped some small pines and juniper it didn't even notice it. I've always had a real good experience with your products."

-Bruce Wright, Colorado Springs, Colorado

"I'm basically having a lot of fun!"

     "What I've got is a place in the pines of northern Arizona and I'm cutting down the shrubbery. I'm using your DR Trimmer/Mower with the saw blade to cut down a lot of small 3"- 5" trees. Then I use the DR Chipper to chip them up. I'm basically having a lot of fun!

     "I haven't been able to lug it down yet. I'm one hundred percent pleased with it. You can put me down as a very happy customer!"

-Will Loyd, Gilbert, Arizona


"I'd give the DR Chipper an A+ for performance!"

     "I have a lot of trees up at my cabin that I'm constantly trimming. But there's tight restrictions here that nobody can get rid of brush anymore, and we had a huge pile. I had everything from birch to oak branches, pine branches, you name it. Mixed hardwood and softwood. Green and dry. It surprised the heck out of me how well the DR worked on that dry stuff, considering how hard it was.

     "I'd give the DR an A+ for performance! It's a marvelous machine."

-David G. Moeller, Golden Valley, Minnesota

"It chips hardwoods and it even went right through cherry, and that's pretty tough."

     "It's a very good machine--well built and well worth the money. Everybody was impressed with the way it chips. Usually with big chipping machines you get big wood chips. The DR does a really nice job of manicuring fine chips.
      "I've got a business caretaking properties and we've been chipping branches that have been piling up for years. It chips hard woods and it even went right through cherry, and that's pretty tough. As long as I can get it in the chute, it can handle it. It can handle the big stuff and it does the job fast.
      "Storms come through here all the time and it just gets to be an eyesore and pain with all these branches on the ground. I live in a county where you're not allowed to burn brush. So before I bought the DR I was hauling brush up to my property in Pennsylvania about once or twice a year to burn it. I'd have to make three or four trips each time and my vehicle would get all scratched up loading the brush. Now I can chip up the brush and use the woodchips for mulch. One of my customers grows blueberry bushes. It's perfect for that.
      "The main reason I like it is that it's small. It doesn't take up a lot of room in the garage and I can maneuver it. All I had to do was see the DR. I know the quality products you sell. Your machines are top-of-the-line--you have the best built machines around. For the size of it and what it can do it's well worth the money."

-Joe Calvarese, Newark, Delaware

"I was disgusted with the idea of having brush piles accumulating because I couldn't get them burned."

     "I bought the DR for use at a camp I have in the country. I've had a burn permit every year for burning brush, but in the last three or four years I haven't been able to burn. In the winter there would be too much snow and then almost overnight the snow is gone and it's too dry to take a chance on it. I was disgusted with the idea of having brush piles accumulating because I couldn't get them burned.

     "Now when I'm clearing out a patch of brush I just feed it right into the chipper as I go. I also chipped up some stuff that I cut last year that was very dry. I've made some good mixed woodchips that I use in the garden and around my raspberry bushes. It does the trick."

-John Tucker, Westfield, Massachusetts


"What I really like is the power."

     "I've been chipping small trees and shrubbery. Some of it has been laying around for a few years and some of it's fresh cut stuff, and the DR chips it up easily. Plus, the machine's not too heavy, so I can move it around by myself.

     "I had been storing the brush in a big pile. I'm in the city limits and they don't let you burn, so I just stored the brush in a big pile, which was really messy. What I really like is the power. It doesn't give me any problems going through this stuff so I can get the job done quickly."

-Dr. Jonathan Phipps, Albuquerque, New Mexico

"It's powerful and it feeds real well."

     "I've used it on cedar and I've used it on ash up to three inches in diameter and I've been real pleased with it. It makes an awfully nice chip that we've been putting around our trees and in the flower garden. I'm also going to put some around my bushes so I don't have to trim, I can just mow around them.

     "I thought about getting a chipper that fits on our tractor but that ties up the tractor. And I looked at some five or six horsepower chippers, but there just aren't too many larger chippers available. I had a five horsepower chipper and it just beats your hands to death when you're feeding branches into it. The DR is much nicer--it's powerful and feeds real well. We've had a lot of luck with our DR Mower and I decided the DR Chipper looked like a good deal."

-Ruby Jaccard, Stockton, Missouri