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"There doesn't seem to be any end to the possible uses of this machine!"

"As you can see from the enclosed photos, I use the DR to haul many items--dirt, wood, brush. Because of many years of gophers, moles, tree roots, erosion, etc., our property is essentially all bumpy, uneven and rough. What a difference the POWERWAGON makes for this work. I have also used it several times as a work platform and to haul tools to and from various construction jobs around the place. There doesn't seem to be any end to the possible uses of this machine! How did I ever get along before we bought it?"

--Herb Ball, Cottage Grove, Oregon

"We retired to a wooded timber area. We cut, split, haul and stack wood to heat our home. It takes a lot of energy to handle this wood so many times. We use our Powerwagon for this, as well as in many other ways. Our Powerwagon has helped us save time and energy."

--John and Kay Woodhouse, Delhi, Iowa

"We are 68 and 69 years of age and with your Powerwagon
we can continue enjoying our 1-1/4 acres."

"The Powerwagon has been perfect for hauling wood instead of pushing or pulling a garden cart. We chose the 4.0 HP Suburban model because our yard gate is 36" wide and we bring our wood through there. Come spring we were busy using the Powerwagon to haul straw and sawdust for mulch, tree prunings, weeds--anything that needed hauling. In July we had a terrific windstorm--brought down a lot of big limbs. The Powerwagon was busy hauling limbs and debris to the shredder. The reverse and dumping features are great and the machine is well built and really versatile.

"We are 68 and 69 years of age and with your Powerwagon we can continue enjoying our 1-1/4 acres. Keep up the good work with your product lines and service. We feel good about dealing with a company that cares about their customers and is proud of their products."

--Floyd and Bernice Tarbert, Clarkston, Washington

"The tilt body even allows me to lift really large rocks."

"For many years I used a garden tractor and box trailer to haul various items around. I have now moved to a new home in Texas and the land is extremely rocky and covered with juniper. I was concerned about using the tractor and trailer because the rocks would make maneuverability difficult. I then tried a friend's Powerwagon, and decided to purchase one for myself. In a word -- I love it! It exceeds all my expectations for maneuverability and hauling capacity. The tilt body even allows me to lift really large rocks. Once loaded with rocks, it still has the capacity to haul a pile of brush, as the picture shows."

--Roger Paquin, Kerrville, Texas

"I don't normally write thank you notes for products I buy because I expect then to do the job I purchase them for, but this time I just had to take a moment to thank you for my DR Powerwagon. This is the only piece of equipment that I can unequivocally and without a doubt say has paid for itself within the first month of ownership. If I had rented or hired the work done I would have paid much more...and I still HAVE the DR Powerwagon.

"We have hauled wood, trash, stones, and anything else we can think of. We have also found that by using the dump bed it was possible to lift and move rocks that were too big for us to lift otherwise. It goes places in our woods that no other power equipment could go without major trail clearing.

"My wife loves it too and has found it very easy to operate. You have completely sold me on Country Home Products. Thanks for proving that the USA can still do it better than anyone else."

--Jerry Miller, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

"We use the Powerwagon for collecting sap for our maple syrup operations. The POWERWAGON is great for moving around because I'm getting a little old in the knees and carrying those buckets was getting a little hard.

"We also use it to haul our apples. One of the best things about the POWERWAGON is that it will run right into the orchard and I can get right under the trees. It's terrific to go into the orchard and pick into the boxes in the POWERWAGON and take them to our storage place.

"The POWERWAGON is an excellent machine--well engineered, well built, reliable and strong."

--William Garrison, Hammondsport, New York

"My Powerwagon has enabled me, once again, to pursue my love for gardening."

"I am extremely pleased with my Powerwagon. The quality and reliability have been outstanding. Its versatility has enabled me, once again, to pursue my love for gardening. The condition of my knees was severely impacting my ability to work around my grounds. The Powerwagon now allows me greater mobility than I ever had before and, just as important for me, greatly reduces the fatigue factor, which allows me to do more. I just can't say enough good things about it. It truly is a Godsend. I only wish I had bought one sooner."

--A.A. Montani, Corry, Pennsylvania

"We enjoy using the Powerwagon for just about everything."

"We live on two acres on a lake and the terrain is very hilly. We have not found any place that the Powerwagon can't travel. All in all, it's the best addition I have ever made to my tools."

--Raymond Carey,
North Scituate, Rhode Island

"I should have bought a POWERWAGON years ago!"

"The DR has been great for hauling wood, up and down the hills. It has made getting wood from the lower part of my property to the house a lot easier than I would have thought. My house sits on a knoll with a steep drop off in all directions. With the POWERWAGON I can carry the chainsaw, weed eater, gas, oil and tools to the work without having to make 3 or 4 trips to the house."
--T. V. Bragwell, Grass Valley, California

"I have been hauling dirt, rocks, gravel, weeds around in wheel barrows and trailers that were pulled by lawn tractors for 18 years. I was in the market for a new garden tractor and better style dumping trailer when I saw your ad for the Powerwagon.

"When I got the video I watched it several times, looking for anything that might show me a fault. Needless to say I did not. So, I ordered one...and have found it to be the most practical tool I have ever owned. I have moved more dirt with the DR in a shorter period of time then ever before in my life. To be able to dump in the exact spot you want, without pulling muscles like you do with a wheelbarrow, makes this unit invaluable. To be able to start it with the touch of a key, to maneuver it over or around anything, to let it crawl up or down hill, all of this makes it invaluable to us.

"With our Powerwagon we have moved 65 tons of dirt and 28 tons of rocks. It would have taken me a year to move that material with a wheelbarrow or lawn tractor. We are so happy with the Powerwagon. We purchased it in March 1999 and tried to work it to death. You honestly cannot see any wear at all."

--Cheryl Daniels, Charleston, West Virginia