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1. How does the DRŪ POWERWAGON compare to wheelbarrows and garden carts?
Frankly, there is no comparison! With a load capacity of up to 800 pounds, the POWERWAGON can haul at least three to four times as much as any ordinary wheelbarrow or garden cart. More importantly, thanks to its power-driven wheels, you can move loads of this size, over most any terrain, without the risk of straining your arms, shoulders, back or knees--like you do with haulers that rely on muscle power. You simply guide the POWERWAGON while you walk. Then, when you're ready, just release the dump bed lever and the DR's bed can be tipped forward for easy unloading. What could be simpler?

2. Does the DRŪ POWERWAGON have to be lifted or balanced in any way?
No. The entire weight of the load you carry is supported by three wheels--the two main drive wheels in the front, plus a single caster wheel in the rear. There's no strain on your back, arms or knees to support the load.

3. Can't I just pull a wagon behind my riding mower?
You can try. And it may work for light loads on firm ground. But remember that riding mowers are designed for use on lawns. With their low ground clearance they can easily get hung up if you take them off your lawn. Plus, they were never really designed to haul weight behind them. With even a moderate load in a tow-behind trailer, riding mowers can lose traction easily. And, because of their heavy weight with an operator on board, they might just go right up to their axles in loose, wet soil. The POWERWAGON, on the other hand, was designed for hauling heavy loads in most any type of terrain--on your lawn or off. The load is carried right above the drive wheels, so traction actually improves as the load increases. And with the load out front, ahead of the operator, you can sneak between trees, fit through open gates, and maneuver around obstacles with ease.

4. How does the DRŪ POWERWAGON compare to trucks?
Unlike trucks, which can't easily get into tight spots, the POWERWAGON can go just about anywhere. Plus, the POWERWAGON won't leave deep ruts on your lawn or sink in on soft ground like much heavier trucks. Best of all, with maximum load capacity of up to 800 lbs., the DRŪ POWERWAGON can actually haul as much as some pick-up trucks!

5. How well does the DRŪ POWERWAGON perform on slopes?
Better than any method available to homeowners that we know of! With big, power-driven wheels and low climbing gears, the DRŪ can easily climb slopes with a full load that you wouldn't even think of tackling with a loaded wheelbarrow or garden cart. Plus, with the weight of the load positioned over the drive wheels, the POWERWAGON has the traction to climb slopes where riding tractors and trailers would quickly slip and slide. The truth is, many DRŪ Owners have told us that the POWERWAGON has enabled them to do work on their sloping properties that they just couldn't do before.

6. Will the DRŪ POWERWAGON work on soft and uneven ground?
With its high clearance, wide track, and high-flotation tires, the POWERWAGON is very well-suited to rough terrain. Many Owners find it perfect for use in overgrown meadows, fields, woodlots, or "off-lawn" areas where riding tractors and trailers would get hung up on ruts, downed tree limbs, rocks, and stumps. Commercial users have also told us that the DRŪ is great for hauling building materials like lumber, plywood, bricks, cinder blocks, etc., around the worksite, where the terrain is simply too rough for a wheelbarrow.

7. How difficult is it to steer?
Just like your car, the POWERWAGON has differential steering. This allows the drive wheels to rotate at different speeds, making the POWERWAGON exceptionally easy to turn. Plus, with a rear-mounted caster wheel that rotates 360 degrees, the DRŪ can quickly and easily maneuver in the tightest spots, even under the heaviest load.

8. How easy is the DRŪ to start?
The Electric-Starting models with automotive-style turn-key ignition and 12-volt battery are very easy to start. Just turn the key and you're ready to go! (The battery recharges as the engine runs.) The Manual-Starting models, with their compression release and electronic ignition, start with one or two easy pulls.

9. Is it difficult to unload materials from the DRŪ POWERWAGON?
Not at all. The entire bed of the DRŪ POWERWAGON can easily be tipped forward by releasing the dump bed lever. You can position and dump loads of gravel, sand, topsoil, manure, compost, firewood, etc., right where you want it, much like a dump truck. This feature practically eliminates tiresome shoveling when unloading by hand. You can even spread loose loads like gravel by tipping the bed forward and backing up slowly...saving a lot of hand grading and raking.

10. How often will I use the DRŪ POWERWAGON?
It depends on your hauling needs. However, one of the comments we hear most often from DRŪ POWERWAGON Owners is that they purchased the POWERWAGON with one big project in mind and then were amazed at all the extra uses they discovered once they owned the DRŪ. Because it's so convenient and easy to operate, the DRŪ can be used whenever you have to move something. Many Owners use the DRŪ for everyday hauling chores like bringing the trash and recycleables to the end of the driveway or transporting a load of groceries from the car to the house. Some folks have also discovered that the heavy-duty plywood deck is an excellent work bench, either out in the field or in the garage. More and more often, DRŪ Owners tell us they just don't have a need for their wheelbarrow or garden cart anymore.

11. How complicated are the controls?
The DR's controls are very easy to operate and all controls are mounted at the handlebars, so everything is right at your fingertips. Once you've started the engine, all you need to do is select a gear with the gear shift lever and, when you're ready, pull the throttle lever to start moving...release the throttle lever and the DRŪ stops instantly. That's all there is to it!

12. How fast will the DRŪ POWERWAGON travel? In top gear and at full throttle, the "PRO" Model can move at a speed of 5.5 mph--perfect for moving fast from one job site to another. The SUBURBAN Model can travel at a top speed of 3 mph.