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HAUL 4 TIMES AS MUCH as any garden cart or wheelbarrow, which means any job will be completed faster and easier than ever before...without the aching muscles!


MOVE UP TO 800 POUNDS of gravel, topsoil, sand, mulch, concrete blocks, bricks, lumber, etc., to all your building and landscaping sites. GET IN YOUR WOOD SUPPLY You can drive the DRŪ right into woodlots... up and down slopes...over uneven terrain...and through narrow spaces, load it up, and haul your wood right back to your woodshed or house.

ROUGH TERRAIN IS NO PROBLEM With its wide tires, the DRŪ PRO can easily negotiate rocky, stumpy, muddy areas that would be inaccessible with many other types of haulers. Plus, because most of the weight is centered over the wheels, traction actually improves as the load increases.

POWER UP HILLS...AND DOWN The DRŪ POWERWAGON is especially suited for use on sloping property and rough terrain, and on soft ground where it is nearly impossible to move heavy loads with wheelbarrows, wagons, or carts.
  • 65 shovels full of gravel, topsoil or mulch
  • 22 35-lb cinder blocks
  • 12 50-pound bags of cement
  • 20 1/2"-sheets of plywood
  • 50 18"-long pieces of firewood
  • 160 5-pound bricks
  • 5 hay bales