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Sicklebar Mowers...

   These machines, with their back-and-forth "scissors" action, were originally designed for harvesting hay and other crops. However, because they cut only once, they require you to rake and dispose of cut material. In addition, the vibration created by sicklebars not only makes them tiring to also tends to shake them apart!
    In contrast, the DRŪ is the picture of smoothness and simplicity in operation...and it mulches what it mows, so there's nothing left to pick up, shred, or burn.

Hand-Held Brush Cutters...

    The biggest drawbacks of these machines are: 1) you have to carry them, which is exhausting work; 2) they only cut material once, so you have to clean up after them; and 3) they can be dangerous when they kick back and get tangled in brush.
    With the DRŪ, its weight is totally supported on its powered wheels, so you simply walk behind and guide it. And because of its up-front, fully covered blade design, it keeps the operator far away from both the blade and the material being cut.

Tractor-Drawn Brush Cutters...

   Tractor-powered brush cutters are the ideal solution for clearing very large fields. But they're far too big and expensive for most folks with properties from 1/2 acre up to 10 acres.
    The DRŪ FIELD and BRUSH MOWER is far less expensive, and is much easier to maneuver and get into corners, and in between trees where a tractor could never reach.