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   "Mowing with the DR is a sheer joy, and I don't remember when I've enjoyed a piece of equipment more.
   "It mows thickets of rattlebush without a whimper and I don't have to 'manhandle' it.
    "Three cheers for the DR!"

Dawn Warzecha, Cuero, Texas

"It's fun, the job gets done fast and it's not tiring!"

    "We live on a tidal river where the salt grass and weeds were 8+ feet tall. To enjoy the wildlife, the grass and weeds had to be cut. Our neighbors cut theirs with handheld brushcutters, but that was out of the question for us, so we purchased the DR. It's the best investment we've ever made.
     "We both have used the DR--it's fun, the job gets done fast and it's not tiring! The enclosed photos show the tall grass and weeds across the river that are just like the weeds we had in our yard before the DR."
--Robert Farace, Clinton, Connecticut

"Your machine has us well on our way to a park-like setting on our property."

"I am writing to tell you how wonderful we find your DR Field and Brush Mower. We have tried all equipment in today's market and nothing can compare to the DR for tough jobs. We have approximately 60 acres of heavily wooded area to clean up and your machine has us well on our way to a park like setting on our property. Many of our friends have inquired about how we were able to do such a job. We give all the credit to the DR!"
-- James Gogan, New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, Canada

"I would need a $10,000 tractor with a bush hog if I didn't have the DR."

   "This spring I was opening up an impenetrable thicket of small trees and huge vines in intertwined profusion. The area was about 15 feet wide and 600 feet long. I barged in with my DR and in only two mornings I was able to clear this area out completely. The DR cut off the vines at ground level, knocked down the small trees, and mulched everything at the same time. There was also about a five year accumulation of fallen leaves in this area and the DR mulched them as well.
    "My DR has done everything I have asked and far more. The best part is that I really enjoy using it -- it's easy, and gives me a very satisfying feeling being able to "keep the woods at bay." The DR is really perfect for me as I get a good amount of exercise without killing myself (I am 60 years old now and I need exercise, not punishment). With the DR I can keep up nicely with my cleared areas, trails, and the woods. I would need a $10,000 tractor with a bush hog if I didn't have the DR."
-- Paul E. Fournier, Colonel, USAF (Retired), Marshall, Virginia

"It did a great job of cutting down the pine trees and heavy brush."

   "I would like to take a minute to let you know how happy we are with our DR Brush Mower. It did great job of cutting down some of the pine trees and heavy brush on our 10 acre property. We didn't even have a road to get to the place where we're going to put our new home, but thanks to the DR, we do now! I know we'll get many years of use from it. Thanks again."
--George Christianson, Bartlett, Illinois

"Truly the Godzilla of Brush Eaters!"

"We couldn't believe how easy it took down brush and berry vines. I would recommend it to anyone. The DR Field and Brush Mower is truly the Godzilla of Brush Eaters!"
-- William Logan, Chehalis, Washington

"I have a tractor with a bush hog...I did areas with the DR that I could not do with the tractor."

   "When I saw the TV commercials and looked at your video, the thought crossed my mind that this is advertising and probably hyped to give the mower its best image.
    "Let me tell you, the mower is everything you say it is and more. It does a GREAT job on 6-8 foot tall blackberry bushes too thick to drive a truck through, sumac, tangles of vines, and assorted pines. I have a Ford tractor with a bush hog and I did areas with the DR that I could not do with the tractor!"
-- George Pittman, Hartwell, Georgia

"I use the DR to keep the boundary lines clear on my property!"

"By making a pass on each line I can keep the brush down and future trees from growing. I am real happy with the results of this machine."
--Joe Bender, Fellsmere, Florida

   "Since I got the DR I've been able to easily clear a much larger area with less physical strain. The DR cut tall hay grass so fast that I have more time to work on areas with heavier brush.
    "I'm so glad I saw your ad, as I sure was getting tired of trying to cut the brush by hand and the hay grass with my lawn mower."
-- Gary W. Suffern, Camano Island, Washington