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BLADE CLUTCH/BRAKE enables you to drive the mower without the blade turning...engages the blade smoothly and easily...and provides a positive braking action to the blade when you release the blade control lever at the handlebar.

PIVOTING MOWER DECK automatically follows the contour of the ground by pivoting 12 degrees to each side. This action minimizes scalping and improves traction on uneven terrain by helping to keep the weight of the machine on its drive wheels. The deck material is welded, 12-gauge steel.

LOCKABLE DIFFERENTIAL allows the wheels to turn at different speeds when unlocked...for easy turning and precise maneuvering around obstacles, nursery stock, etc. Manually locking the differential prevents individual wheel slippage and increases traction and control in uneven terrain and on moderate slopes. (8.0 HP Model features constant differential.)

GEAR-DRIVEN TRANSMISSION with 4 forward speeds and power reverse. Transmission housing is die-cast aluminum. Gears are all heat treated for durability, and bearings have oil-impregnated bushings, with needle bearings on input shaft. Gears operate in an oil bath for permanent, maintenance-free lubrication. SELF-SEALING TIRES contain a non-flammable, non-corrosive material to "self-seal" punctures in the tread areas from sharp sticks and stumps -- so you should never have to worry about flats in most conditions.

HEAVY-DUTY DRIVE CHAIN uses #40 chain to transfer power from the 4-speed transmission to the drive wheels.


HEAVY-DUTY, 7/8" STEEL BLADE SPINDLE is mounted on heavy-duty ball bearings at both the top and bottom of the shaft.

HANDLEBAR-MOUNTED CONTROLS include separate levers to engage the wheel drive and the blade. An operator presence lever must be held down when the mower blade is engaged.