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1. How high and wide does the DRŪ cut?  
All models of the DRŪ FIELD and BRUSH MOWER cut 3 to 4 inches high, depending on how hard or soft the ground is and how much the front skids sink in. If you are cutting in thick brush, the machine has a tendency to ride up, so it may cut a little higher, especially on the first pass. The 10.5, 12.5, and 15.0 HP models have a cutting width of 26 inches. The 8.0 HP models have a 24-inch cutting width.

2. How large an area can I handle with the DRŪ FIELD and BRUSH MOWER?  
With a mowing speed of up to 1 acre per hour (depending on the model and conditions), the DRŪ FIELD and BRUSH MOWER can realistically handle 5, and perhaps even 10 acres or more, depending on how much time you have or want to spend. Equally important, though, is the fact that the DRŪ FIELD and BRUSH MOWER makes practical the clearing and maintaining of areas too small or varied for big, tractor-powered equipment.

3. How big is the material this mower can cut?  
Tough hardwood saplings up to about one inch thick, and weeds, brush, and brambles of any height and thickness.

4. How easy is the DRŪ to start? [
The Electric-Starting DRs, with automotive-style turn-key ignition, are very easy to start. Just turn the key and you're ready to go! The Manual-Starting 8.0 HP model, with compression release, electronic ignition and heavy flywheel, usually starts with one or two pulls. Electric-Starting is optional on the 8.0 HP model. It comes standard on the 10.5, 12.5 HP and 15.0 HP models.

5. How complicated are the controls? 
The DR's controls are very easy to operate. The wheel drive and the mower blades have separate controls. Simply squeeze the wheel drive lever on the left handlebar to engage the wheels; let go to stop them. Engage the blade control lever to make the mower blade turn; disengage it, and the blade will stop turning within three seconds. As a safety feature, letting go of the Operator Presence Control while the blade is engaged will stop the engine.

6. Is it easy to maneuver? 
Because of its large, self-propelled wheels and excellent balance, the DRŪ FIELD and BRUSH MOWER is very easy to maneuver. The skids allow it to ride up and over bumps, rises, and hummocks. The differential drive is almost like having power steering -- so it's easy to turn around obstacles and plants you want to avoid.

7. What about service?  
The DRŪ FIELD and BRUSH MOWER is designed to be very simple and trouble free. Regular maintenance involves engine oil changes (other than cleaning or changing the spark plug, tune-ups are pretty much a thing of the past, thanks to electronic ignition), occasional greasing of the fittings, blade sharpening as needed, and checking for belt wear once a season or so. 

The engines are the same as those used on many top-of-the-line rototillers, riding mowers, etc. They can be serviced by any of the thousands of engine service dealers available in almost every community from coast to coast.

8. Is it delivered fully assembled?  
Yes. The DRŪ FIELD and BRUSH MOWER is fully assembled and with engine oil added. All you need to do is read your Safety and Operating Instructions, and you're ready to mow! 

9. How does the performance of a DRŪ FIELD and BRUSH MOWER compare to a regular steel-bladed mower? 
Frankly, there is no comparison! In the first place, the DRŪ FIELD and BRUSH MOWER should not be compared to anything resembling a lawn mower. It is more like a smaller, walk-behind version of a tractor-powered brush cutter.

It has the power and deck design to mow tall, thick, tough vegetation that would quickly clog and choke any ordinary mower. And its large, powered wheels allow it to go over rough ground that would be impossible for any small-wheels mower to negotiate.

With its heavy-duty, welded steel construction, a mowing blade that's at least 50% heavier than regular mower blades, and the same type of nearly indestructible deck and spindle found only on tractor-powered machines, the DRŪ FIELD and BRUSH MOWER is clearly in a class by itself!

Although it performs much like a P.T.O.-style tractor-drawn brush mower, the DRŪ is actually far more practical for most country property owners. It is much less expensive than even a compact-size tractor with a field, it is much more maneuverable. The DRŪ can work in wet, soft ground where a heavy tractor would get bogged down. The DRŪ will also easily mow around trees or nursery stock you want to keep, plus create walking trails and pathways...the kind of precision mowing that's nearly impossible with the size and turning radius of most tractors.

10. Can the DRŪ FIELD and BRUSH MOWER be used commercially, or for part-time "custom clearing and mowing"? 
Yes. Because the DRŪ FIELD and BRUSH MOWER is designed for agricultural and professional use, it is ideal for Christmas tree growers, landscape contractors, highway maintenance crews, etc., as well as for earning extra income by "custom clearing and mowing." Even small ads on bulletin boards or in the local "pennysaver" newspaper will likely bring more $20-$30 an hour business than you can handle!