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The DRŪ is ideal for the increasingly large number of country properties having anywhere from 1/2 acre up to 10 acres or more of "non-lawn" area to clear and maintain. The ability of the DRŪ to reclaim smaller areas without needing farm-sized equipment is a real advantage. Plus, as shown here, the DRŪ can get at all those hard-to-reach, hilly, wet, and rough spots that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to mow with any other type of equipment.

HILLSIDES! Most tractors are far too top-heavy and unstable for hillsides like this. But for the DRŪ, mowing overgrown slopes is no problem. SPRING BRUSH AND SAPLINGS are hard to cut any other way. Anything the front brush guard can knock over, the blade will cut and chop up -- including saplings up to an inch thick!


NURSERY STOCK can easily become stunted and deformed when it gets overgrown like this. With the DR's fully shielded blade, practical size, and easy maneuvering, it's a cinch to mow around plants you want to keep.

CLEAR OUT FENCELINES, along hedge rows, property borders...all of those "in between" areas of your property with ease!

POND EDGES! Big powered wheels and low center of gravity make the DRŪ at home on pond embankments--even up to the water's edge! The locking differential adds even more traction for mowing on slopes.

CREATE "EUROPEAN STYLE" WOODLOTS free of underbrush...for a neater appearance and for easier access, whether it's for walking, or for harvesting firewood.

WAIST-HIGH GREEN GRASS! It takes a ton of power to mow tall, thick grass like this. Yet the DRŪ easily cuts and chops it up without clogging or even slowing down.